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VUTRAX Technical Support

          VUTRAX SOFTWARE ADVICE NOTICE 146 - 3 Mar 1996

           VUTRAX for Windows - MetaFile Compatibility


    Some Metafiles written under Windows 3.1 or WFW 3.11  do  not
    display  properly  (or  sometimes  at  all)  in Windows 95 or
    Windows NT 3.51. The effect can be seen in Metafiles embedded
    in Word documents and Help files, as well as direct display.

    The reverse is not expected - Metafiles written in the latter
    pair are correctly interpeted by the former pair.


    Windows 3.1 and Windows for Workgroups  3.11  (even  with  32
    interface  module  PW1118)  write  Metafiles where some calls
    contain  fewer  parameters  than  are  expected  by  metafile
    readers in Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51.

    Extra parameters written by Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51 are
    harmlessly ignored by Windows 3.1 and WFW 3.11.

    It doesn't matter which of the 16 or 32 bit versions of DRAFT
    is  used  to  generate  the Metafile - Dynamic link libraries
    forming part of the Windows operating  system  determine  the
    details of each Metafile entry.


    When you upgrade to Windows 95 or Windows NT 3.51 rebuild any
    Metafiles that you use. You can rebuild with either the 16 or
    32 bit version of DRAFT.

    If you need to transfer Metafiles from Window 3.1 or WFW 3.11
    to  Windows  95  or  Windows  NT  3.51  you should arrange to
    generate the Metafiles on one of the latter systems.


    With next bulletin.

    Thereafter include with deliveries  to  new  customers  until
    READ*.ME and SYSVER both reference this SAN.