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VUTRAX Software Advice Notices

We nowadays provide fault notifications, workarounds and fixes in the Status Log but this section is maintained for long term reference and 'how-to' items.

This section is divided as follows:-

Notice for Vutrax 14.0a & 14.1a for Windows

  • SAN 220 (26 Apr 2019)
    If you download or upgrade to a Konect Electra autorouter version 5.01 or later you may find no routing in the final .AUT file.
    This patch should be applied ONLY if you have the problem.
  • SAN 219 (27 Feb 2019)
    After applying (or installing afresh) Windows 10 vn 1809 update, simple messages boxes (Like OK/Cancel, Yes/No) do not pick up typed responses - you have to point and click. If you find this is a nuisance you can apply one of two workarounds.
  • SAN 217 (27 August 2014)
    Details of a fix for Vutrax 14.0a for Windows mis-managing Mouse wheel and automatic Panning in GDI graphics mode.
    Details of an Enhancement to the SEE text editor to allow override of potentially inappropriate printer default font, and an option to select the printed size.

Notice for Vutrax 13.5a for Windows

  • SAN 216 (17 March 2014)
    Details of Vutrax 13.5a Update 1 for Windows.
    The update fixes a rare problem when you create your own 'TRACE' pad shapes (irregular pad shapes drawn by the user).

Notice for Vutrax 13.2a for Linux

  • SAN 215 (18 Aug 2008)
    [Linux only] Installation on Fedora Core 9 and similar variants may fail, as may the fallback help system.
    Workarounds provided.

Notice for Vutrax 13.1a for Linux

  • SAN 214 Issue 3 (24 Jan 2008)
    [Linux only] Systems including SELinux or for x64 processors may experience install and/or run-time problems. These can be avoided by changing a couple of Settings.
    [Linux only] The Help browser may fail to run in some recent distributions.
    Quick workaround, or Fix by Package installation both provided.

Notices for Vutrax 12.2c

Supplementary documentation for Vutrax 12.0 through 12.5

These SANs are referenced from the installed documentation to cover unusual requirements:-

Long Term Advice

These SANs are 'how-to' items covering many issues up to the present:-