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VUTRAX Technical Support

         VUTRAX SOFTWARE ADVICE NOTICE 148 - 27 Mar 1996
       (HTML version corrected 30 Mar 96 - see Ampersands)

           PLOT - Direct output to HP Colour DeskJets

The default HP DeskJet setups do not make optimim use of  the  A4
paper area.

  o Some European printers do NOT default to  A4  paper  size  as
    defined  by  the  PCL-5  specification,  but  to  the shorter
    'Letter' size.

  o Various margins are assumed.

  o The mechanical design  of  the  paper  feed  means  that  the
    printer  can  print from the very top edge, but can not print
    in the final 0.6" (approx) of the page.

You can maximise the printed area by editing the following  lines
into whichever of HPDJ560P.PXY or HPDJ560C.PXY you use.

After the line:-


insert the lines

    $K27;+l26A$N            after the + is lower case L
    $K27;9$K27;+l0E$N       after the + is lower case L and Zero

    IMPORTANT - in the above, replace character + with ampersand.
    HTML defines a special way of displaying the character, but our
    authoring tool doesn't do it properly, and screws it up if we 
    provide the proper sequence.

The first line sets A4 paper size.

The second line resets horizontal margins, and then sets the  top
margin  to  0  lines. If you want a little more top margin change
the 0 to 1 or 2.

Please tell us whether you prefer the  effect,  and  whether  you
chose a non zero top margin. With this information we will decide
whether this change becomes part of the  next  major  issue,  and
what refinements we need to make.

Thank you.


    Customers enquiring about image size on HP DeskJet printers.

    Web Site.