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The VUTRAX 12 version of DRAFT layer/colours dialogue offers an option

[Node Side Hue]

which changes the colour of Surface mount pads (FIXED NODES) and test points (NODES) when the colour is fixed (rather than following the layer) and the pad is on the back side or on a side unrelated to one of the outer layers.

The normal setting apply the following variations in hue

Back sides tends to blue  (more distant)
Other layers tend to Red  (Warning!)

The method of specification is to vary the 3 colour components individually by -128 to +127, the result being constrained between 64 and 255. If you want different variations within these rules, you can apply a patch to DRAFT to vary the scheme. Choose your first try at a new scheme by selecting 6 values. The values must be hexadecimal, likely values being
80 for - 128
C0 for - 64
0 for no change
40 for + 64
7F for + 127

with the 6 values you need being:-

brBack side Red Standard value 80 (-128)
bgBack side Green Standard value 80 (-128)
bbBack side Blue Standard value 7F (+127)
orOther layer Red Standard value 7F (+127)
ogOther layer Green Standard value 80 (-128)
obOther layer Blue Standard value 80 (-128)

  1. From the menu system select
    [Enable Changes] from (File -> Setup -> Configuration)
  2. Create file SIDPAD.ASC:
               ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 'SIDPAD' ;
              br bg bb or og ob 'SIDPAD'
    To do this select [Ascii Text] from (Edit) and enter the lines. If you are viewing this page from the Internet, [Save As] the frame or simplified page to Copy & Paste the text. Use of single or multiple spaces and an initial indent are not important, but all else must be exact. repace the br..ob with your values.
  3. Stop any running DRAFT, and from the menu system select
    [Option <any>] from (Specify)
    and enter the command (by typing or Copy and Paste)
  4. If this works DOPATCH exits without comment with the file updated. The original file has the .BAK extension and can be used to revert to the previous version if you want to.
    If DOPATCH complains and requires acknowledgement then you have probably mistyped the file, or are trying to patch the wrong file or issue. No change was applied.
  5. Optionally you can re-protect appropriate files using

    [Protect Files] from (File -> Setup -> Configuration)

Try out the result, adjust the file and continue until you are satisfied. You will not see any effect unless the node colour are explicit (rather than folowing layers) and the [Node Side Hue] control is checked. You may want to vary the top layer setting to get a satisfactory effect.

Example patch file making back side more yellow (Red + Green), and other layers more magenta (Red + Blue)

         ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? 'SIDPAD' ; 
        7F 7F 80 7F 80 7F 'SIDPAD'


As requested. Referenced from standard documentation.
Internet Site.