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VUTRAX 12.0 - Associating Files with SEE and DRAFT

The Problem

Some customers like to associate particular file extensions with programs, so that double clicking in Windows Explorer will open them using the appropriate application. This works fine for DRAFT (Vutrax graphics files) and SEE (text files) unless the file name contains embedded spaces.

If the names contain embedded spaces, Windows does not embed the name in quotes as you might expect, and the programs misinterpret the filename as two or more parameters (for example specifying different source and destination directories, initial command file, etc.). We can not arbitrarily change DRAFT and SEE because the additional parameter forms are widely used.

The Solution

If this is a problem proceed as follows, replacing c:\vutrax with whatever your path to Vutrax is, and replacing draft with see for a similar setup for the text editor:-

  1. Create file c:\vutrax\draftrun.bat containing:-
    set VTXRUN=
    "c:\vutrax\win32\draft.exe" "%1 %2 %3 %4 %5 %6 %7 %8 %9"
  2. Set the associated edit box labelled Application to perform action from View > Options dialogue box to the line

    "C:\vutrax\win32\vtxshell.exe" /h /c "c:\vutrax\draftrun.bat"
  3. In the same dialogue de-select the DDE option.
  4. You may also want to change the icon from the Vtxshell icon to that for Draft.

Note: If you are viewing this as a web download, you can Copy and Paste the file and edit box content direct from your browser window.

Limitation: This scheme will handle up to 8 spaces within the complete path to the file.


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