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VUTRAX SOFTWARE ADVICE NOTICE 203 - (Issue 3 - 10 Dec 2000)

VUTRAX 12.2 - Handling Installation Problems

Usually VUTRAX installation is trouble free. The readme.asc file deals with most installation issues.
This note explains things that might go wrong in abnormal conditions, and what to do.

Installer Indicates an Internal Sumcheck Error

The installer includes a self sumcheck to detect virus infection or corruption.

  • If the installer was downloaded, download it again and check the size against that listed on the download page before running it. If this also fails please use a virus checker on the file.- if the size has changed then the infection is on your machine, otherwise please notify us immediately
  • If the installer is on the CD-ROM, you probably have a problem with your CD drive or disk. There is a second copy of the installer in CD directory \floppy you can try.

Can't Locate the Required Revision or Interface Files

The standard browse selection only finds the masters of the current issue. Assuming that you have navigated to the appropriate folder, select the [File Types] drop down list and select the required file type, or All Packed

Installer Locks up Immediately you click [Install]

If you are updating an existing Vutrax system, the installer may be trying to stop currently running Vutrax modules, and something has gone wrong, issues are mismatched, or similar. All known incidences allow a normal Shutdown of Windows (possibly confirming with [End Task]), and the easiest solution is to restart Windows.
If you normally have Vutrax auto-started, shut down the started system without using it and close Vutrax Messenger before the icon disappears on its own. If this does not fix the problem, use the task manager (Ctrl+Alt+Del) to terminate program VtxMsg after shutting down Vutrax.

Installer can not Open the Next File

The installer automatically looks for the next file in sequence until the content of the file indicates it is the end of the sequence. Possible reasons for not finding it are:-

  • You forgot to download it, or the download failed and it was discarded (depending on your Browser a failed download will be absent, empty or partly filled).
  • The filenames do not take the intended form. e.g. for Vutrax 12.2 the form is
            VTX12_2<letter><optional description>.<letter><digit><digit>
    The first master file would appear as VTX12_2C.M01, the next VTX12_2C.M02, etc.
    For the Windows version, a mix of upper/lower case letters does not matter.
    Normally the correct name will be suggested, but some browsers are known to offer names modified from those of the source file, or even what you specify. e.g. some configurations of Microsoft IE 5 add extra extensions and sometimes pairs of dots). Make sure your files match the names specified on the download pages. If your downloaded names are wrong you can simply rename them with Windows Explorer to whatever they are supposed to be.
  • You made the floppy disk from the floppy images on the CD, but forgot to rename the extension to .<letter>PK.

Sumcheck Error, Media Error, or installer Hangs or Crashes

Probably a corrupt file is being read.

  • If the files were downloaded, note which file it is currently extracting files from (indicated as 'switching to ...' in the scolling list) and download it again. While you are at it check the sizes of all of the downloaded files against the expected sizes quoted along with the file links.
  • If installation is from the CD, try again overriding the automatic master file selection by selecting the Floppy directory and selecting the file with extension .m01. The sequence of files for floppies is more highly compressed than the single primary file, and includes more checking (but is also slower so is not normally the first choice). Errors in this form are likely to indicate a problem with your CD Drive.
  • The installer was run directly from a floppy disk, instead of using VTXFLOPY. If you don't have VTXFLOPY.EXE you can copy VTXSETUP.EXE to anywhere on the hard drive, and execute it from there.

Installation on International Versions of Windows

Vutrax 12.2 is only available in English, and does not currently support the directory names assumed for non-English Speaking counties. This may prevent installation, or hide the shortcuts created.

The workaround for this and many other installers, some foreign users create additional English language folders such as \windows\Desktop and \windows\Start Menu. The installation places the shortcuts here, and the user can move them after installation.

After Installation some or all Vutrax Shortcuts are Missing

This is most likely to occur if you install development versions of operating systems that subsequent releases can not update - i.e. you have to make a 'clean install' of the new issue. Microsoft may rename the default and explicit user names in various ways, and the Vutrax installer finds the wrong one to update.

In particular, if you install Windows 2000 over a previous Windows 2000 Beta, you can empty or adjust \Documents and Settings first so that the installation can use the natural names.

To simply repair the situation, first discover where the links have gone using [Start] > [Find] > [Files or Folders] and look for "Uninstall Vutrax.lnk" (including the quotes shown), searching from the root of the appropriate drive, and selecting [Include Subdirectories]. This should find the main program group entry. Note the folder name (adjusting the table bars to view it if necessary), and use Windows Explorer to locate that folder. Right click on the folder name and select [Copy]. Now Right click on the [Start] button, select [Explore] and navigate to the program folder you want. Now [Paste] the folder where you want it. From here you can paste or drag individual items to the desktop, start menu etc. if you want.


  • Internet Site.
  • For Customers reporting Installation Problems.