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VUTRAX SOFTWARE ADVICE NOTICE 205 - (Issue 2 - 10 Dec 2000)

VUTRAX 12.2c with Microsoft Windows ME

Users of the Free and Shareware configuration will see Windows ME reported as Windows 98 Version 4.9. For most purposes this identification is fine and you can trial the system and use the freeware and shareware configuration normally.

Windows ME, in common with Windows NT and Windows 2000, does not permit direct port access, so direct output from PLOT to parallel and serial ports in PLOT will not work. Use one of the options described for such output with Windows NT. Because Vutrax does not realise this restriction applies to Vutrax running under Windows ME, PLOT may hang if you attempt direct output, rather than refusing to try.

Users installing high specification systems on Windows ME that need to use a key need to:-

  1. Ensure the key is the type with a 9 or 10 digit serial number. If not please contact the office.
  2. The mouse can not 'route through' the key - it must be configured on separate serial port.
  3. During installation, in the 'Setup Preferences' dialogue, override [Windows  98] by clicking [Windows  NT]
    We suggest that you do
    not select private profiles.
    If you insist on private profiles your startup icons may not appear in the proper place. The simplest solution is to re-install as [Windows  98], but [Cancel] at the 'Ready to finalise the installation' message box, and then install again, forcing the selection to [Windows  NT] as before, this time allowing the installation to complete.
  4. After Installation, update the Vutrax startup command file to force startup as if Windows NT:-
    1. From the menu system select  
      [Enable Changes] from (File > Setup > Configuration)
    2. Select [Open Command File] from (Text > Open > Command Sequences] and navigate to file VUTRAX.BAT in the Vutrax installation directory.

    3. Invoke a global edit to change every character pair %2 to NT as follows:-
      %2            and press the Enter Key
      SNT          and press the Enter Key
      D6             and press the Enter Key
      If this now reads '
      Find: %2, Subst: NT, Dirctv: 6':-
      Enter key again.
      If this goes OK:-
      Ctrl+Q and confirm with Y 
    4. Re-protect appropriate files using
      [Protect Files] from (File > Setup > Configuration)

  5. Close down Vutrax (e.g. click the [X] on the window).
  6. On the keyboard press Ctrl+Alt+Del, Select "VtxMsg" near the end of the list, and click [End Task].

  7. Restart Vutrax using the start menu or an icon if you opted to have one.

  8. If necessary specify the appropriate serial port and/or other options using [Configuration] from (File > Setup).

  9. From here on you should be able to use the system normally.
    If you re-install
    Vutrax 12.2c (but not if you install libraries or interface modules) you will need to perform these changes again.


We are making no judgement about upgrading to Windows ME. This is a judgement you should make based on features relative to your current Windows, hardware support requirements (e.g. Hard disk space and RAM size), and the direct cost.

We plan that the next issue of Vutrax will support Windows ME fully automatically.


  • Internet Site.
  • For Customers reporting problems upgrading to Windows ME.
  • With every Vutrax 12.2c CD supplied