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VUTRAX Technical Support

VUTRAX SOFTWARE ADVICE NOTICE 209 (23 May 2001 updated & extended 9 Feb 2006)

VUTRAX 12.0 onwards

DRAFT - Jerky Movement of the Vutrax Cursor.

DRAFT - Uneven or Fragmented Flash or Blink

DRAFT or MENU - Slow reaction to Mouse Clicks

These functions rely on drawing operations occurring promptly as they are requested. Some graphics controllers, in the interests of raising the overall drawing speed (and going up the review ratings!), buffer drawing operations and send them in batches for the graphics controller to implement in parallel with further processing. The Matrox Millennium G400 & G450 are a non exhaustive list of controllers that do this. Whether the effects bother you or not depends on the buffer size, the maximum delay the controller allows, and your personal perception.

From Vutrax 12.3a, DRAFT attempts to flush the buffer when it knows that prompt drawing is required, but since it is the driver software and not Windows that is doing the buffering, there is no guarantee that these flush calls will work. Most drivers reduce buffering or stop doing it at reduced settings of [Hardware Acceleration], and this can be used to circumvent the problem, often with unmeasurable reduction in graphics performance. Some configuration have an explicit [Enable Write Combining] check box you can try unchecking

If you have such problems we suggest the following sequence to try and resolve them. Warning - these are standard Windows procedures, but you perform them at your own risk. You may wish to back up your whole system, or at least make copies of your registry (hidden files \windows\user.dat and \windows\system.dat) before proceeding.
Windows XP users can usefully set a restore point using [Create a Restore Point] from (Start > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore) that you can use if you get in a mess.

Disable Graphics Hardware Acceleration
The procedure will vary with operating system, and even revision of the operating system, but will generally take a form similar to selecting a sequence like one of
[Hardware Acceleration] from (Control_Panel > System > Performance > Graphics) or
[Troubleshooting] from (Right Click on Desktop> Properties > Settings > Advanced).
Note the existing setting, and then select 'None', 0%, Left end or whatever, uncheck any [Enable Write Combining] check box, and click OK
  • This Fixes the Problem: Find the highest setting that still works properly.
  • Doesn't Help: Set back the original setting.

Update the graphics Driver
You will generally need to visit your graphics card vendors web site and download the latest driver. Make sure that you download the driver for exactly your card (usually displayed on the Settings tab during the previous sequence) and operating system. Install as directed with the download. There is no guarantee that this will make the slightest difference.

Revert to Standard VGA Graphics Driver

This can be accomplished by a sequence that is typically [Right Click on Desktop] > Properties > Settings > Advanced Properties > Adapter > Change > Show all devices. On the way through this sequence note your current settings. Now pick Standard Display Types and VGA
  • This Fixes the Problem: You probably need to replace your graphics controller
  • Doesn't Help: Set back the original setting.

Mouse driver settings

Some Mouse driver settings do not work well with some graphics controllers. In particular you should check for and try disabling:-
  • Selection of non-standard or animated pointers.
  • Use a 'Mouse Trails'. If you have sometimes have problems locating the Mouse pointer try Show location of pointer when Ctrl key is pressed instead.

See Also:

    Similar procedures can be found in SAN201 relating to handling of Groundplane regions, although for entirely different reasons.


  • Internet Site.
  • Customers Reporting Problems.