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VUTRAX Technical Support


VUTRAX 12 for Windows 95 & 98

Failure of Hardware Keys after 3rd Party Software Installs

After installation of some 3rd party utilities, keyed systems may refuse to start due to side effects such as locking executable files or blocking direct port access. A non-exclusive list includes ICQ add-ons and Panicware Pop-up-Stopper.

First use Check Options  from (File > Setup > Configuration) to check that the key port and any other settings are as you intend. If this is OK try the following workarounds.


Workaround 1:
Stop the utility and Vutrax. Activate the task list (normally Ctrl+Alt+Del) terminate any 'Vutrax Messenger' or 'Vtxmsg'. Restart Vutrax normally and try to start DRAFT. If this works, in future terminate the utility before starting Vutrax.
Workaround 2:
This workaround is valid if the key has a 9 or 10 digit serial and can can be given a dedicated serial port. You will need 30MB of temporary hard disk space:-
Shutdown Vutrax and terminate 'Vtxmsg' as described in Workaround 1
From the CD/download install a NEW vutrax into folder (say) \keycheck using your configuration file, but in the third dialogue force the selection of [Windows NT].
You can skip the completion phase.
In a DOS shell (or Copy+Paste or Drag in Explorer):-
        copy  \keycheck\winnt\vtxmsg.exe  \vutrax\win32\vtxmsg.exe
Start Vutrax normally and trial. Vutrax Messenger should announce itself as the 32 bit version.
There was no vtxmsg.exe in \vutrax\win32\vtxmsg.exe, so to revert simply delete it.
You can delete all of \keycheck and it's icons.


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