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VUTRAX Technical Support


VUTRAX 12.4a onwards for Windows 95 through XP

Operation with Networks Limited to 8.3 style Filenames

Vutrax 12.4a introduced file extensions that include appending ..bak and other special file extensions to existing extensions, rather than replacing any existing extension. Vutrax 12.4a also introduced extension .auto.bak for automatically saved files.

This scheme creates problems when user files are accessed over a network that supports only 8.3 style filenames. Atempts to rename transient and backup files fail.

This patch takes the form of a small command file SAN212.BAT (supplied as an attachment rather than a copy and paste file because it is rather intricate and relies on multiple spaces).

  • Install Vutrax into a directory/folder with a simple name of 8 or less characters with no embedded spaces (e.g. \VUTRAX) and introduce only folder and filenames adhering to 8.3 style without embedded spaces. The remainder of this note assumes that you chose \VUTRAX
  • After installation or in a running system that is malfunctioning with 8.3 name limited networks, copy the linked file SAN212.BAT to \VUTRAX\WORK\SAN212.BAT.

    Right Click and [Save As] SAN212.BAT  <<< Here is the File 
  • Start Vutrax in the default project WORK.
  •  Select Set Environment from (File > setup) and include the setting
  • Select any free or re-usable user option using Option n from (Specify)
    and select the file SAN212.BAT file to execute.

  • Leaving alone the Window prompting 'terminate all other Vutrax Windows', find the other Vutrax windows and [OK] them until the main menu window appears. Click the top right [X] to terminate this as well. Now [OK] remaining window to start the patch.
  • When the batch file completes restart Vutrax and it is ready to use

  • Should you need to reverse the patch, re-installing from your original media will do so without losing your menu settings. You may want to remove the VTXSHORT setting as well.

You need to re-patch after any update so that it is applied to any newly installed modules. Already patched modules are automatically skipped.

What the Patch and Settings do:

  • Tells the command shell to work in 8.3 style names where possible.
  • Updates all relevant Vutrax Windows executables (.EXE) files so that all file extensions are treated as replacements rather than specific extensions being appended.

  • Updates the SEE.EXE text to auto-save using extension .SAV rather than .AUTO.BAK

  • Updates the permanent copy of CONFIG.MCH so that it specifies auto-save to use extension .SAV rather than .AUTO.BAK. The copy in \VUTRAX is updated when you re-start Vutrax.

  • Terminating the remainder of Vutrax before applying the patch is important and the patch will fail if you don't. You should be able to try again without disaster. 



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