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VUTRAX Technical Support


VUTRAX 13.5a Update 1 for Windows

Potential Problems importing atypical TRACE pad shapes


Some modules may stop with a format diagnostic when importing Vutrax graphics files that contain a
user generated TRACE (user drawn) pas shape. We have only one live report of a problem, but
at can occur whenever you introduce a new TRACE pad shape.
These work properly if no diagnostic is generated
  • EMTOVTX - Emma photoplot decoding
  • GBTOVTX - Gerber photoplot Decoding
  • CNCTOOLS - Used by PLOT to generate list of tools
  • GERB274X - Used to PLOT to generate aperture lists
  • EDLIBSILK - Silk Library edit (copied shape is correct)
  • VTX1312 - Back converter to Vutrax 12.
  • LIBMAN - Library Manager
  • PARTDATA - An example parts list analyser but used by some customers.
  • VTX2IDF - IDF format converter
  • SPCTOVTX - Specctra/Electra output decoder (copied shape is correct)

Might Malfunction even if no diagnostic generated

  • VTXTOSPC - Encodes Vutrax graphics for process by 3rd party Specctra / Electra routers.
    Slight chance of undetected error encoding the pad shape for use by the 3rd party
    routers. Routes near these pads may be missed or violate the pad.
    Design Rule Checking will detect any violations
All of the modules except for the IDF converter and the Specctra / Electra router interfaces
can be updated by installing the one file

The IDF converter and the Specctra / Electra router interfaces can be updated by downloading
and installing the updated Interface Modules from the web site (not the versions on the 13.5a
install CD image)

Files in the 13.5a CD image are NOT updated, nor are these fixes available for the Linux issue.
These updates will be included in the upcoming Vutrax 14.0a upgrade.

To install any or all of these use

        Enable Changes from (File > Setup > Configuration)

followed by

        Install from (File > Setup > Configuration)

and select the folder you downloaded the files into to find the .t01 and .i01 files.


  • Internet Site.
  • Customers Reporting Problems.