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VUTRAX Technical Support


Correcting problems with the DRAFT 'VALUE' command

If the DRAFT 'VALUE <component value>' command can't find the text part to update (i.e. one matching the previous value or '#') it generates a warning beep. In version of DRAFT 40.03b (Vutrax 14.1a) and earlier no message appears, but it should display
    No SCRIPT point suitable for the VALUE was located in this device'

The most likely cause is a malformed library item. For DRAFT 40.03b and earlier:-
  • If you hear the sound but there is no error message look carefully at the device to see if the value has been updated. If not use the LISTP command to see all of the DATA and SCRIPT (Text) points.

To fix for the schematic in all issues of DRAFT:-
  1. If you have a mismatch you can usually get the items back in step by using the VALUE command with parameter matching the displayed text value (possibly OKing a warning of an invalid value and/or hearing/seeing the above error message). Then use VALUE normally to apply the wanted value.


  2. Otherwise temporarily select MAKELIB mode, remove the value after the # (but not any SILK directive) and empty the value TEXT point. Revert to SCHEM mode and use VALUE normally.