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VUTRAX Technical Support

          VUTRAX SOFTWARE ADVICE NOTICE 43a - 17 Oct 1988 

           Revised for VUTRAX 11.7 and 12.0 - 19 Feb 1998

    HP LaserJet Printer - Plotting outside the Normal Border

The natural borders for the HP LaserJet extend to within about
5mm of each paper edge, but the top and bottom default starting
and ending rows are about 20mm from the paper edge. This note
describes how to alter the HPLASER?.BXY plot control file to use
the entire printable area.

Warning: Attempting to print to the very edge of the top and
bottom edges will cause plotted material to enter the plotter
mechanisms 'unprintable region' and be lost.  Because  the
'unprintable region' varies we can not provide definitive values
in this note, nor standardise on a scheme for general issue.

Use the SEE editor or similar plain text editor to edit the
supplied file HPLASERP.BXY (parallel interface) or HPLASERC.BXY
(serial interface) into one of  a  different  name  (e.g.
HPWHOLE.BXY). The hieroglyphics are required by the plotter - be
sure to get them exactly right - PLOT can not check, and just
passes what you type to the plotter

Find the line (where $Ic>1 is unique in the file):-

    $Ic>1;$K27;&l$V1,c;X$R$U$N Copies

Remove the 'R$U' and replace it with 'J'.

Follow with the new additional lines, noting that each &l
uses lower case L, NOT numeral 1:-


This sequence sets 48 l.p.i., sets the top border and length
using units of 1/48", and reverts to 6 l.p.i. Two of the fields
must be user selected:-

   ttt   is the distance as ttt/48" from the theoretical top of
         sheet that plotting starts. Initially try value '3'

   bbb   is the length of the plottable region bbb/48" from the
         specified top - i.e. it determines the bottom.
         For A4 paper initially try value '555'
To use the additional area, specify the VE>height< option in the 
command line, menu option [Printable Height].

If you would prefer the larger size to default (probably once you
have your setup established) find the line

    $Ie<=0;$Se=11.0;$J$N Set default height

and change the 11.0 to your prefered value, obtained using the 
formula bbb/48 (11.5625 for the suggested start value 555).

Prepare an overlength plot (possibly size calibrated) and plot it
at 1:1, headings suppressed.

Inspect the output (particularly looking for loss at the top) and
adjust the parameters to suit your particular plotter mechanism.
Avoid the auto-size adjust options (A & AA) until the true limits
are established.