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Getting Notified of Changes

The Vutrax web sites are updated to include

  • News of forthcoming events,
  • Latest Releases and pricing,
  • How-to items,
  • Problems and workarounds.

Each time you return to the site you can see the changes summarised in the Change Details section in Support.

If you would like to be informed by e-mail of changes please mail using the format

Subject: ADD
1st line of Message: Your Name  <E-mail address to use>

You can adjust the mailing list by various similar messages

Remove an entry

Subject: REMOVE
1st line of Message: Your Name  <E-mail address to remove>

Change your e-mail address

Subject: CHANGE
1st line of Message: Current Name  <Current E-mail address>
2nd line of Message: New Name  <New E-mail address>

In order to make these mailings acceptable:-

  • They will not exceed a few Kilobytes.
  • They normally occur at irregular weekly to monthly intervals.
  • Plain text formats will be used without attachments.
  • We will keep the list confidential.
  • Your address will not appear in other recipients mailings.

There will be no instant response. Addition and change requests are normally processed before the next set of mailings.