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VUTRAX Downloads: Windows Installer

Items Common to all Windows Downloads

You need these items for any of the download options.

Have these saved as files - major browsers support clicking the Right mouse button and then selecting [Save .. As] from the popup menu.

You may find it convenient to create a new directory \VTX into which to store the items. All files should be stored in this directory using the suggested names:-

  • Installation ReadMe (12KB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file readme.txt
    We suggest that you print this plain text file for reference and background information on documentation files. e.g. Start Notepad, select this file, and print it.

  • Vutrax Installer (328KB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file vutrax_set_up.exe
    The installer is used to install the basic system, updates & interface modules. For a minimal install you now need to download all the files offered in System Modules. If you already know you want additional modules (like extended libraries) download these as well to have them installed automatically (you can instead add these later if you prefer - you don't need any for the tutorial).
    Once you have the modules you want to install select Start > Run, Browse to vutrax_set_up.exe to start the installer & follow the prompts.