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VUTRAX Downloads: Windows Trouble Shooting

Checking the Downloads

Once you have the files correct, Vutrax installation is usually trouble free. The installer and install files are self checking, but some corruptions may make the installation crash or hang before a sensible error message can be produced.

By far the most common problem is that one or more file downloads stopped before the end.
The exact size of each of the main download files is tabulated in File Sizes (best printed for reference). Your first action should be to check these sizes against those of the files you downloaded.

Windows Explorer will list only approximate sizes, with K signifying 1024 bytes. To view the exact sizes:-

  • Use a DOS window (Console in Windows NT & XP) and use command DIR  <Download Directory Path Name>
  • To print the list instead of displaying it use DIR  path  >  PRN (you may then have to press formfeed on your printer).

In all cases if there are spaces in the download directory path name include the whole path name in double quotes.

  • Compare the file sizes of your downloaded files against those on the web site, and fetch again any that are of the wrong length

    If you are still having trouble, or your installed system is not working or there are no icons for it, have a look at Software Advice Notice (SAN) 203

    If your problem is to do with installing downloaded files across a local network, the techniques required are described in Installation ReadMe file which can be fetched from the Installation page.