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VUTRAX Windows Downloads: Interface Modules

Vutrax Library Supplements

These libraries have been provided by various customers to supplement the standard libraries. These are a free issue and can be used with any Windows configuration of Vutrax 14.2 .

These libraries include over 2000 devices, the majority provided in schematic, graphical footprint and physical library forms, checked for compatibility with modification cycles. The libraries use Library Identifiers 'BD', 'PK' and 'SP' respectively to ensure that they do not clash with each other, the standard, or your own libraries.

Details of the library content can be viewed in the appropriate 'Supplementary Libraries ...' sections of the 'Libraries' volume of the Help system.

  • Library Supplement PK (700KB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file vtx14_2p_library_supplement_pk.i01.
    The most extensive selection of libraries, supplied in complete schematic and footprint forms.

  • Library Supplement SP (80KB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file vtx14_2q_library_supplement_sp.i01.
    More libraries supplied in complete schematic and footprint forms.

  • Library Supplement BD (400KB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file vtx14_2b_library_supplement_bd.i01.
    This Library Supplement consists of footprints only. It is intended for bureaux use laying out existing designs.


Vutrax Interface Converters

Interfaces to a variety of 3rd party software are available. Each requires explicit enabling in the configuration file, so only download these if you have purchased them or have been offered a trial.

Interface modules are installed by an extra pass of the installer after the main installation, selecting the interface file instead of the main system file.

  • Specctra/Electra Autorouters Interface (200KB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file vtx14_2s_specctra_autorouter.i01.
    Bidirectional interface to have Vutrax PCB routed by the Cadence Specctra Autorouter or Konekt Electra Autorouter.

  • IDF 3D Modelling Interface Export (80KB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file vtx14_2f_idf_export.i01.
    Converts Vutrax PCB Graphics to IDF file format file for 3D Solid Modelling systems including Solidworks and Pro-Engineer.

You did remember to download the Installer didn't you?
If so, all you need to do to start the installation is use your system Run selection to start VUTRAX_SET_UP.EXE .


Vutrax Graphics Converter

  • Bitmap to Vutrax Vector Converter (250KB)
    Right Click and [Save .. As] naming the file vtx14_2v_bitmap_to_vutrax.i01.
    A Bitmap to Vutrax converter based on a GNU licensed bitmap to vector conversion engine. It is free issue.
    Updated 3 Nov 2001.