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Status of VUTRAX 12.0b Before Release of 12.0c (3 July 1998)

VUTRAX 12.0b

Version:    DRAFT 38.02 (VUTRAX 12.0c)
Entry Date: 15 June 1998 - 25 June 1998

  • After a few unusual operations (those with the PRIV command prefix - e.g. Turning components by arbitrary angles) in other than MAKELIB mode, Toolbar buttons may be misidentified when paused over, and if clicked may change to the identified button and this action started. The details depend on the button positions in different modes.
    Avoidance 1 - Wrong tooltip noticed: press Esc key.
    Avoidance 2 - Wrong action started: Cancel and repaint the screen to repair the buttons, or just UNDO, as appropriate.
  • [Update Markers] from (Analyse), to update schematic markers, fails on some network drives due to file naming problems.
    Avoidance: Type command WRGN-  * instead.
  • [Windows 95 only (NT 4.0 is OK)] The Microsoft function for creating standard (& by implication Placeable) MetaFiles mishandles non 8.3 format directory and filenames. The operation usually fails suggesting 'disk full'.
    Workarounds: Save locally to METAFILE.WMF & then copy/rename.
  • Pad shape listing functions may list one or more pads with the parameters from another pad. This occurs if Windows can not restore the image under the menu by itself, and tells DRAFT to 'repaint' it. The stored pad shapes are intact.
    Avoidance: Do the command normally, Close the text window, press F3 & <enter>. This repeats the command without repaint.

Version:    TOOLBOX 11.02a (VUTRAX 12.0c)
Entry Date: 1 July 1998

  • LAYOUT and BACK-MODIFY generate .LAY files modified to provide better compatibility with past and future versions.

Version:    PLOT 15.02a (VUTRAX 12.0c)
Entry Date: 9 June 1998

  • Output using a bitmap style control file with the DD option (drill chart linked to drill size) may crash PLOT if the artwork contains some unusual sequences of pads that include some 0 sized.
    No patch is possible - a development fix is available.
Documentation error:
  • In the section describing use of your own RS274X aperture definitions, for filename 'USER274X.HXY' read 'USER274X.APP'.

Version:    WIRE 67.02a (VUTRAX 12.0c)
Entry Date: 4 June 1998 - 25 June 1998

  • A huge number of SILKSHAPE directives for one device may be rejected as 'too complex' despite being OK in VUTRAX-11. (Extended fields reduced the limit from approx 2700 to 1600).
    Workaround 1: Reduce the complexity of the original library shape (e.g. use larger CURVE chord angle or lower resolution Graphical Font). Rebuild the physical library item to a temporary file and then replace it in the .LIB file.
    Workaround 2: Ask the office for a development update.
  • Import of expanded text format by the major graphics programs supplied in VUTRAX 12.0a & 12.0b (and those not updated in subsequent maintenance issues) interpret 'unspecified' width as 1'6 rather than 16 Thou.
    Only WIRE to version 67.01a currently generates output in this form, and only when using obsolete WIRE directives which omit an explicit default width setting. WIRE 67.02a onwards output explicit widths regardless of how derived.
    Workaround: Add 'WIDTH 16 *' to the WIRE Rules (.WRL) file and re-generate the Rats-nest, now with explicit Widths.
  • Comma separated list engineering output included the width as an integer number of tenths of THOU, rather than a proper coordinate value.
  • The [Library Index] function may sequence complex lists of interdependent libraries incorrectly, diagnosing as 'component not previously defined'. (In most cases this refers to a genuinely missing or un-indexed device).
    No patch is possible - a development fix is available.
  • If Rats-nest generation worked for VUTRAX 11.7 but fails in 12, look for device or signal names exceeding 12 characters (or silk references exceeding 16) where the 'extra' characters do not match in definition and use. Names are now significant to 32 characters.
  • Increased SILKSHAPE point count limit of about 6400 points.
  • The 'Box Width' parameter in placement '@...@' sequences has long been redundant, and is ignored by WIRE. The field is still generated by LAYOUT and BACK-MODIFY as an integer field to retain compatibility with earlier versions.

Version:    CONNECT 27.02a (VUTRAX 12.0c)
Entry Date: 17 June 1998

  • [Pin-to-pin lists only - schematic input is unaffected]
    Placements involving Y coordinates with fractions of THOU (as in 123'4) generate a corrupt .WIR file, the '4 part bring moved to the start of the line.
    Metric, exact THOU, and all X coordinates work fine.
    Workaround 1: Edit the resulting .WIR file to move the '4 where it appears - search on the word 'fresh'.
    Workaround 2: A development fix is available on request.

Version:    VUTRAX.MNU 10.00c (VUTRAX 12.0c)
Entry Date: 25 June 1998

  • [Set Environment] from (File > Setup) offers a directory selection dialogue rather than an edit control.
    Workaround: Type "set name=value" as if a directory name.
    Fix: Use SEE to plain text edit \VUTRAX\VUTRAX.MNU Line 541, Column 33, changing 'S' to a 'P' as in
    00218Set Environment ^SFs0023500SXXXXXXXm^ ...
    00218Set Environment ^SFs0023500PXXXXXXXm^ ...