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Status of VUTRAX 12.1c to 12.2c (Final) (5 May 2001).

VUTRAX 12.2a (Issued 15 Apr 2000)

  • Graphics files are interchangeable with Vutrax 12.0 & 12.1. Other files are forward compatible, and in general backwards compatible if new features are not used.
  • All programs are updated. They are only explicitly listed when significant changes need to be highlighted.
  • Dialogue and Wizard position retain moved positions during any instance of a program. Various options (including Windows defaults) can be globally selected.
  • Deleted files are now (by default) sent to the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • The Lavenir Viewmate provided on the CD issue is now 6.1.
  • The 256 pin limited free/evaluation issue now includes Photoplotting (including Gerber 274X), CNC and DXF interfaces.

VUTRAX 12.2b (Issued 20 Apr 2000)

  • Maintenance issue only - DRAFT updated to 38.10d

VUTRAX 12.2c (31 May 2000 - 28 Oct 2000)
Enhancements & Changes:

  • An assortment of small design changes & fixes, and download size reductions detailed in the appropriate sections.
  • The documentation for Interface Modules (except Libraries) has moved from the primary download to the modules themselves. The consequences of this are:-
  • If you make a 'clean' install of Vutrax 12.2c be sure to use the latest interface module as well, or you will end up with no documentation for the module. The entries in the 'Volume' will only appear if you install the module.
  • If you make an 'update' install of Vutrax 12.2c over 12.2a or 12.2b all of the documentation will still be there (with no significant changes)
Graphics files are interchangeable with Vutrax 12.0a to 12.2b.
Other files are completely compatible with Vutrax 12.2a and 12.2b, and in general compatible with older issues if new features are not used.

New Operating System:

  • Microsoft Windows ME
    Installation of the Freeware and Shareware versions works fine. However, there are some issues regarding direct port output options available within PLOT, and in installing high capacity systems that include a key.
    SAN 205 provides all the details and procedures.

Version:    DRAFT 38.10c (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000


  • Many complex setup arrangements can be set using new dialogue boxes. These are selected by default from the menu system, or using the typed commands:-
    DIM?         Dimension Setup.
    FIND?        Find Setup.
    CHECK?       On-line Automatic Design Check setup, and buttons to perform various types of explicit checks.
    UNIT?        Setting engineering units and scaling.
    BUS?        Schematic BUS drawing style and naming derivation selection.
    INC?         Auto Increment setup or disable.
    HATCH?      Setting up Hatch and Fill, including a selection of preset styles.
    The commands required to establish your selections can be Copied and Pasted into command files if required. Details of the dialogue box settings are in the updated manual rather than reproducing here much repetition of familiar material.
  • Settings for BUS and INC functions are saved in the graphics file.
  • DEL+ ... performs structure deletes without queries or an error stop if no named structures are found.
  • Print output avoids problems with existing #PRINTBOX structures.
  • GDI print schemes GDI Print Boxed and Clipboard Boxed from (File > Print Graphics) can be used even when using 'View-Only' drawings.
  • ERASE, SEG ERASE, PICK ERASE, BOX ERASE, and all variants of BREAK, remove redundant points they may create.
  • Specifications for Powerplane Annular and Broken Rings are checked for adequate ring thickness, clearance to the drilled hole, and that there are no centre offsets.
  • Delete Unused Pads from (Edit > Delete) (PAD DELUNUSED) provides an easy means to safely remove unused pad shape definitions from a drawing or graphical library.
  • When the display scale makes such powerplane pads very small, DRAFT tries to maintain some indication of the presence of a broken ring.
  • CLEANUP (now largely of historical interest, and removed from the menu system) warns if you if you will lose an explicit graphical font. Clear Background from (Symbol > Retrieve) (CLEANUP-) now leaves any background items that form part of the current graphical font definition so that such fonts continue to work without re-loading.
  • The INFO command (primarily used for requesting information about component pads) also provides analysis of VIAs and Nodes, and warns of any items counted that are not currently in the list of displayed layers.
  • Custom commands User Command <n> from (Options > User Command), or an assigned Toolbar button, can be provided with user chosen prompts for parameters of appropriate style & Browse, a title (including Tooltip) and Hint text.
  • DRAFT can recognise user selected extensions and select an alternate Mode, Merge or Read library files, or perform any initialisation actions required.
  • The Hierarchical selection commands (DRAFT> and DRAFT<) stored without folder names first look in the current directory, and if the file is absent look in the directory of the current file.
  • The FIRST Command variants now continues drawing even when additional commands are included. e.g. Start drawing on Layer 2: F;; L2
  • Analyse Circuit from (Analyse) (WIREGEN+) warns of text positioned so that it might appear to label an automatically named signal. Compatibility Warning: Existing drawings may produce real or spurious warnings when re-analysed.
  • Cycle Layers from (View) (SHOW+) introduced to provide a convenient way of viewing every layer used in the drawing or layout.
  • Layer change commands PICK LAYER, BOX LAYER, LAYER, and SEG LAYER all accept options to control the propogation of layer changes.
  • The text edit facility (usually TEXT/) now determines the style of editing automatically (choosing one of Silk, Value, Signal name, Label, Data point or plain text). Command '/' (forward slash) is a short form for 'TEXT/'
  • Extensive rework of the OPTIMISE facility includes
  • Reversing direction of signal path fragments.
  • More economical handling of heaps of mixed types of points.
  • Partly routed interconnects are usually left untouched.
  • OPTIMISE EDIT removes all redundant metal, and then re-evaluates every track segment as it re-constructs.
  • Many confirmatory 'Repaint now?' queries have been removed. If you want to go on making changes without waiting for the repaint press the Esc key or the Right mouse button.

Version:    DRAFT 38.10d (VUTRAX 12.2b)
Entry Date: 20 Apr 2000
Problem Fixed:

  • Schematic symbol 'unconnected tag' markers are invisible.
    Workaround: Ignore the lack - schematic analysis is correct.
    Fix: Install the Vutrax 12.2b update (installs DRAFT 38.10d).

Version:    DRAFT 38.11e (Vutrax 12.2c)
Entry Date: 14 May 2000 - 26 May 2000
Problems Fixed:

  • BREAK and its variants base the check for protected or signal structures on the last object in the database.
    Workaround: If an operation is refused use [Read Libraries] or [Read Recent Files] from (File > Read) and select ...\WORK\XMPL.LIB to obtain a harmless final structure.
    Fix: A development pre-issue is available.
  • Legends and other items on an 'IGNORELAYERS' layer could produce spurious warnings relating to an invalid signal name legend.
  • When working on schematic libraries (in MAKELIB SCHEM mode), editing informatory legends could ask whether the selected text is a legend for an indicated signal (where the signal may be anything).
    Workaround: Reply [No] to avoid side effects.
  • Using [Set Units] in the [Dimension] from (Options) dialogue discarded any changes made to the [Append to Dimension] item that have not yet been actioned.
    Workaround: Apply the setting again before [OK]. In future set this item last.
  • Explicit default settings (e.g. Typed command DEF W 20) set the intended default, but listed 10 times the width in use. Normal dialogue access through the menu is not effected.


  • User customised Icon names (described in SAN 177) were limited to 12 characters (plus ".BMP"). The limit is now 50. SAN 177 Issue 3 includes with past and current limits.
    Further file format Diagnostic messages have been included.
  • To provide more uniform behaviour, The [Find] from (File) selection [Determine Range] always shows the result in a message box. The command line form FIND? only displays a message box when an error occurs.
  • The various BREAK commands no longer optimise out CURVE points. This could remove curve centre position points.

Version:    DRAFT 38.13 Dev A (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 17 June 2000 - 28 Mar 2001
Problems Fixed:

  • Dimensioning in THOU with an explicit (rather than default) precision, lists a value 10 times too high. (Unreported fault also in Vutrax 12.0a to 12.2c)
    Workaround 1: Correct the value using [Edit Text ...] from (Text).
    Workaround 2: Accept the default precision. Edit if required.
    Workaround 3: Temporarily set the drawing scale to 0.1
    Fix: Request a fix available as VTX12 2 DRAFT 38 12a.T01
  • ERASE, BOX ERASE, & PICK ERASE have a tiny chance of crashing if you erase a zero sized HOLE or NODE, and in non-TRACK modes a similar FIXED HOLE or FIXED NODE. Any changes made since the last explicit or automatic save are lost.
    Recovery: If you suffer a failure check file DRAFT.SAV in the current directory to see whether an automatic save has stored a more convenient state than your last explicit Save.
    Fix: A development issue fix is available on request.
  • Analyse Circuit from (Analyse) on Schematic Diagrams using superseded 'ANNOPIN' style pin numbers may report warnings of the pin numbers not corresponding to an adjacent signal.
    Workaround 1: Continue Checks ignoring the error(s).
    Workaround 2: Introduce a data point 'IGNORELAYERS 26' (26 is any unused layer - choose according to colour) and mass change the annotation to this layer using typed commands:-
    *0;; L26;; FIND
    Workaround 3: Analyse the circuit using Wiregen Basic (WIREGEN-), make a new Rats Nest and immediately Back Annotate. Re-run Analyse Circuit as normal.
    Fix: A development issue fix is available on request.
  • BREAK (break structure at each zero width) has a tiny chance of crashing on structures that contain all of Textual points, pad shapes and rounds. Any changes made since the last explicit or automatic save are lost.
    Recovery: If you suffer a failure check file DRAFT.SAV in the current directory to see whether an automatic save has stored a more convenient state than your last explicit Save.
    Fix: A development issue fix is available on request.
  • Reliable operation of the GROUNDPLANE function requires the following addenda to the documentation ...
    Each polygon area (either the basic outline or internal voids) must be an unbroken structure. Each 0 width section starts a new polygon, so the effects of arbitrarily joined up object can be chaotic, with the outline arbitrarily joining the first and last points of the sequence.
  • MAKELIB mode [Add text] from (Text), or in any mode the F6 key, and then selecting F9 or [Rotate] from (Local menu), causes the cursor to jump to the last noted point (possibly out of window).
    Avoidance: Harmless - move it back to the required position. If necessary press the 'Home' to bring it back to the centre.
  • If you force [Radius Corner] (CURVE <radius> F) onto a corner of a protected structure (it will not select one naturally, and the first point can not be radiused) then it will radius it without comment. Very unlikely to happen by mistake.
    Remedial Action: UNDO, or 'CURVE 0 F' to remove it later.
  • Message boxes within Dialogue boxes which default to [Cancel] or [No] (e.g. warnings in the Pad dialogue) may select the default button after pressing Tab and then Enter.
    Avoidance 1: Point and Click with the Mouse. If you do this anyway there is no point in applying the fix.
    Avoidance 2: Press Tab until the button has the proper outline.
    Fix: Apply SAN 197 (VTXPATCH) to WIN32\DRAFT.EXE using
    E0 40 0C 05 ;
    ? ? ? 1D
    This patch can be applied to any other Vutrax executables in the WIN32 directory that exhibit the same problem.
  • The cross hair cursor lags behind the windows cursor, and/or flashing items (e.g. Design check markers) show one or two items mostly on, mostly off, or in opposite phase to the rest.
    These harmless effects occur with some of the latest graphics controllers, and are the result of buffering of drawing operations in the graphics driver and/or controller.
    Workaround: If you find the effect unacceptable, Right Click the desktop, Select Properties > Settings > Advanced > Performance. Note the current Hardware Acceleration, and then select 'None' and OK. Find the highest setting that solves the problem.
  • SEG operations (such as SEG LAYER) did not always do what you expected when you use the POS command (Esc key) to select a point from the sequence of coincident points. A problem only arises when using a segment command and then selecting a different point using POS.
    Workaround: UNDO any effects you want reversed. Type
    L <layer><enter> e.g. L5<Enter>
    to activate the point oriented LAYER command, and do the operation again. This time your selection will work.
  • When learning 'Trace' shapes in the Pad Shape Dialogue box:-
    * To re-learn a 'Trace' shape, first select the [Circular] shape and immediately re-select [Trace Shape].
    * After selecting [Trace Shape] wait 2 seconds for the [Size] group box items to 'Grey' before clicking [OK]. If you don't the setting may be stored as an empty shape.
  • Possible confusion of the next pop-up menu visited after visiting [User Commands] but not selecting anything.
  • If you remove all foreground items while a background library is loaded, the cursor will fall onto a background item, rather than creating and landing on a 'dummy point' at 0, 0.
    Action: Ignore the background items selected - if you apply no changes to them no harm is done. MERGE your new outline or whatever, import items from the libraries, or just start drawing new items as required.
  • When library building, commas and spaces are not allowed within names, but only spurious spaces were detected. The libraries produce an error diagnostic when they are used.
    Avoidance: Be careful not to use ',' in Vutrax device names (perfectly OK in free-format text).
  • If an Isolation or Thermal pad reference is out of the range 0..999 it is not detected during settings, and subsequent use of PAD settings may crash DRAFT. The Up/Down buttons do observe the allowable range - you have to type in a wrong value.
    Workaround: If you have a problem, load and save the artwork in expanded text without using pad setting.
    View (safer than Edit) the file and check the last 2 digits of each PAD directive in the header have the range 0 to 999 (not negative or 4 digits). If you find any, note the line numbers (Ctrl+L), and subsequently Edit the file to set these fields to zero. Restart DRAFT on the file and adjust the settings in the dialogue box, sticking to allowed values.

Version:    TOOLBOX 11.05d (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

Clarifications & Design Change:

  • The search for powerplane rings given the required clearance assumes that the rings in the pad table are compatible with the clearance specified. If the best fit outer diameter has an inside diameter smaller than the drill size, it will be selected anyway. In most instances this is of no consequence.
  • POWERPLANE pad specifications for Vutrax 12.1 were taken from the last referenced pad of a pad stack, regardless of layers.
    To simplify determination of the ring chosen, and to provide for control of rings on a per-plane basis (e.g. different rings on a high voltage plane) Vutrax 12.2a changes the pad chosen to determine the ring specifications to be the first shape that appears on the powerplane layer. If no pads appear on the powerplane layer, the primary shape is used.
    If you require explicit powerplane rings you must specify them to appear with the pad, either primary or alternate, that you are using for your powerplanes layers, otherwise they will be invented.
    The simplest way to use this scheme with multiple pad stacks is to define the rings in the primary pad shape, and include the powerplane layers in the pad's 'Appears on Layers' entry.
    For the most usual case where a single shape is defined for all layers, the design change has no effect.
  • The 'OPTIMISE' function used after FORWARD MODIFICATION has been extensively re-worked - See DRAFT 38.10c.
  • Comma separated (.CSV) output from GLUESPOT now includes the device name in the additional field 12. None of the existing fields have been changed.
  • POWERPLANE generation uses modified scheme for determining which pad shape it uses to obtain explicit isolation and thermal break rings. If you use this scheme you should look at the description in Detailed Changes: General..

Version:    TOOLBOX 11.06 Dev B (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 31 Aug 2000 - 29 Mar 2001
Problems Fixed:

  • PCB Layout Silk Renumber: If a device has a user drawn silk symbol smaller than the notional area box, and has been re-oriented without generating a new rats-nest, then it's legend assignment may not be in the obvious order.
    Explanation: the first point always counts in determining the upper left corner of the device, even when invisible.
    Workaround 1: Interactively assign these legends as you want.
    Workaround 2: Try increasing the second step interval.
    Fix: If none of your symbols have no outline, you can apply SAN 197 (VTXPATCH) to WIN32\TOOLBOX.EXE 11.05d using
    57 BB 01 00 00 00 89 ;
    ? ? 00 ? ? ? ?
    Note: A scheme taking more account of pin positions and invisible outlines is planned for the next issue.
  • [Vutrax to Comma] (VTXTOCOMMA in TOOLBOX) fails to generate any requested header information if the graphics filename or path includes spaces, or the full path is otherwise required to be enclosed in quotes. (The destination file can be anything.)
    Workaround: Select [Edit Graphics], [Save As] with a simple name to a folder without spaces (e.g. \windows\temp\comma.dia). Back in the [Vutrax to Comma] dialogue, select [Graphics], [Recent Files] and select the file you just saved. Continue normally.
  • The BUILDLIB.BAT file, e.g. using [Build from Rats Nest] from (Tools > Library > Make Job Library), may fail. See WIRE 67.08a problems section for details and workarounds.
  • [Powerplanes] Out of range pad numbers tabulated for Isolation or Thermal break pads may cause malfunctions. See the DRAFT 38.13 problems section for the workaround. No customer reports received.

Version:    AUTOPLACE 8.03b (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • OPTIMISE extensively reworked - See DRAFT 38.10c.

Version:    PLOT 15.06c (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000


  • The Command List 'Derive Destination File Name' scheme is now supported as part of the Output selection in the various PLOT Setup Wizards.

Version:    PLOT 15.07a (VUTRAX 12.2c)
Entry Date: 10 May 2000
Problem Fixed:

  • Customers building their plot command files may meet two limitations (NOT new to Vutrax 12.2):-
  • Option lists exceeding 256 characters of non-comment items were refused as 'too long'.
    Workaround: Use the '&' scheme to add more options - this allows 3 times the length.
  • If a Drill size directive (e.g. DD@ <list>) exceeded 253 characters (very unusual) PLOT may malfunction or crash if you try to include it in a plot heading.
    A development pre-issue is available.

Version:    PLOT 15.07b (VUTRAX 12.2c Supplementary Update)
Entry Date: 5 Apr 2001
Problem Fixed:

  • Photoplotting Certain (rare) combinations of butt-ended tracks may cause PLOT to misorient some pad shapes or otherwise corrupt the plot.
    Avoidance: Plot with [Butt End Warn] enabled and write down the widths that use it.
    In DRAFT select [Capping Table] from (Options > Pads & Tables) and select [Round] or [Unspecified] in the [Change All] group box. [Save As] to a new file and keep using the new name (i.e. keep the old file for reference).
    [Find] from (Edit) and look for the widths you noted. Obtain the constructions required using an outline and fine fill.
    Select [Photoplotting] from (Tools > Plotting) and Plot the output from the new file.
    Fix: Install update module vtx12 3 plot 15 07b.rpk

Version:    PLOT 15.08 Dev A (*** Under Development)
Entry Date: 28 July 2000
Problem Fixed:

  • [This problem can only occur with multiply partitioned disks, or where drive letters are mapped to Networked addresses.]
    The [Store Settings] feature (Option K) omits or misinterprets options if the graphics file is on drives E:, F:, K: or T:, and no spaces appear in any part of the name.
    Use of (as opposed to building) a list with the file on these drives works fine.
    Workaround for new settings: The graphics file is not used anyway when storing settings, so specify any file on C:.
    Workaround for preexisting settings: Use the [Copy & Edit] button (or double click the item) to check the options, and if necessary correct them.

Version:    GERB274X 1.05a (VUTRAX 12.2c)
Entry Date: 26 May 2000

  • Trace shapes in Metric coordinate artworks may cause an error diagnostic 'Trace Shape nnn definition corrupt' and stop. When used implicitly from PLOT, the PLOT is not output
    Workaround 1: In DRAFT, Select [Thou] from (Option > Coordinates), and answer [Yes] to the confirm. Select [Recent Files] from (File > Save As) and alter the name adding  THOU or similar to it (e.g. becomes Oldname Plot this temporary copy, and then delete it - do not use it for anything else.
    Workaround 2: Request the development fix from the Office.

Version:    GBTOVTX 10.04a (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 10 Mar 2001

  • If the [Point type] or [Pad Type] are entered in Lower Case the file will be unreadable by DRAFT.
    Workaround: Use UPPER case even in the menu dialogues.

Version:    EMTOVTX 5.01a (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 10 Mar 2001

  • If the [Point type] or [Pad Type] are entered in Lower Case the file will be unreadable by DRAFT.
    Workaround: Use UPPER case even in the menu dialogues.

Version:    DESRULE 34.03b (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • Rule DRILLLIMIT defines how close a hole may come to the edge of a pad without complaint.
  • Rule MINDRILLGAP defines how close two holes may be (to avoid breaking drills due to slight mis-registration).
  • Differing Pads and VIAs at the same coordinate are examined to ensure that they do not unintentionally connect Blind or Buried VIAs to one another, or to through-holes.

Version:    DESRULE 34.04a (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 1 July 2000 - 29 Mar 2001
Problem Fixed:

  • The directive [Minimum Drill Gap] (MINDRILLGAP), generates warnings even when blind and buried vias share no layers.
    Workaround 1: Check and ignore the spurious warnings. e.g. Remove the marker, note on the pad from slightly above, below, left & right of the centre, and check each coordinate is the same.
    Workaround 2: Effectively suppress the check using a directive such as MINDRILLGAP -999 and re-check.
    Fix: A development fix is available on request.
  • Out of range pad numbers tabulated for Isolation or Thermal break pads may cause malfunctions. See the DRAFT 38.13 problems section for the workaround. No customer reports received.

Version:    AUTOTRAK 23.03b (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • OPTIMISE extensively reworked - See DRAFT 38.10c.

Version:    VUROUTE 11.05b (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • OPTIMISE extensively reworked - See DRAFT 38.10c.

Version:    WIRE 67.07a (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000


  • Introduction of the PADSHAPEDEFAULT directive to permit re-allocation of pad shapes used in the embedded footprints such as DIP, SMSO, & SMLCC....
  • Support for the library ID conventions. (Detailed description for these are included in the Library Manager section).

Version:    WIRE 67.08a (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 26 Jan 2001

  • Use of the BUILDLIB.BAT file, e.g. using [Build from Rats Nest] from (Tools > Library > Make Job Library), may fail with an obvious error diagnostic if the full path of the destination library name, or the full path to the BUILDLIB.BAT file written during rats-next generation, contain any spaces.
    Workaround 1: Use folder and files names without embedded spaces.
    Workaround 2: Create a file \VUTRAX\FIX BL.BAT containing the lines below (Cut and Paste if this is machine readable - otherwise be diligent with spaces, ' and " symbols):-
    echo ' %%0' ; ' "%%0"' ; ' %%1' ; ' "%%1"' > buildlib.pch
    vtxpatch buildlib.pch buildlib.bat -L0 -H6 -C
    Execute this using [Option xx] from (Specify) and then select [Build from Rats Nest] again.

Version:    LIBMAN 1.00a (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • A tool to massage newly imported libraries to suit your current library arrangements (or vice-versa), and various system changes to make the handling of similar devices in a number of different libraries reliable.

Version:    LIBMAN 1.01a (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 29 Mar 2001

  • Out of range pad numbers tabulated for Isolation or Thermal break pads may cause malfunctions. See the DRAFT 38.13 problems section for the workaround. No customer reports received.

Version:      LIBRARY for VUTRAX 12.2a
Entry Date:   15 Apr 2000

  • An assortment of new libraries are available for installation into folders...\LIB\ID BD, ...\LIB\ID PK and ...\LIB\ID SP These libraries include over 2000 devices, the majority provided in schematic, graphical footprint and physical library forms, checked for compatibility with modification cycles. Content is described at (Help > Contents > Contents list Drop-down 'Libraries' > List sections) under Supplementary Library - PK etc.

Version:    PARTGEN 9.00b (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • The parts list generator now supports both 'by pack quantity' and 'by item quantity in nominated multiples'.

Version:    D2WIRE 4.00a (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • This converter is now integrated with the main system and documented in the TOOLBOX section along with CONNECT. New options replace some ad-hoc pre-processing facilities provided to requesting customers:-
    -T       Long names are truncated
    -F2      Alternate Format for file formats where DATA,4 provides device name instead of DATA,3.

Version:    CONNECT 27.05a (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • Coordinate fields are now specified to support both the Vutrax standard Millimeter (12.345) and fractional THOU (1234'5) formats.

Version:    SEE 11.00c (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000


  • Three new highlighting features based on file type determined from the file extension:-
  • Spell checking on appropriate fields.
  • Format Highlighting (e.g. Rule keywords, comments)
  • Bracket matching in C & C++ language files.
  • Find and other text input mechanisms support line editing, Cut (Ctrl+X), Copy (Ctrl+C) and Paste (Ctrl+V).
  • The Caret and Window Scroll positions are automatically restored to those at the time of the Save.
  • When a new file is started from within SEE using Open from (File) or Ctrl+O, you have the option of displaying it in another window rather than replacing the existing file.
  • The default selection for some message boxes has been changed to better reflect normal operation.

Version:    SEE 11.01c (Vutrax 12.2c)
Entry Date: 28 Apr 2000 - 23 May 2000
Problem Fixed:

  • If you drag mark a section, and then select [Copy] [Cut] etc. from the local menu (Right button), the actioned section may sometimes reflect subsequent cursor movement.
    Workaround 1: Avoid the local menu by selecting items from (Edit) in the menu bar.
    Workaround 2: Use the keyboard shortcuts listed to the right of the menu items. e.g. Ctrl+C is [Copy].
    Fix: A trial issue fix is available on request.
  • If you install Vutrax into a path with a space in it, the Spell checking [Edit List] button does not work.
    Workaround: [Open] from (File) (Ctrl+O) and edit file <Vutrax path>\win32\wordlist personal.lst in the Same Window. [Save] from (File). [Open] again and use [Recent Files] to resume the original edit in a *New* Window so that the word list is re-loaded.
  • Spell checking starts much more quickly.
  • File extensions .asc, .txt, .pfm & .htm auto-start spell checking except for view-only mode, or use of the -k option.
  • The Word list is compacted from 3MB to 1MB to reduce startup time and (compressed) download size.

Version:    SEE 11.02 Dev B (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 17 June 2000 - 28 July 2000
Problem Fixed:

  • Ctrl+N (Join lines with single space separator) puts the space in the wrong place on UNIX files (with no CR before LF). (No impact on normal Vutrax use.)
  • The paragraph format command (F6) could get the line numbering and screen layout confused when the paragraph was the last line of the file. (No impact on normal Vutrax use.)
    Workaround: [Save] from (File) to correct the sequence.

Version:    MENUVTX 10.06b (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000


  • Support for the many new features of Vutrax 12.2a
  • The directory Browse dialogue has been re-designed to make it easier to navigate long lists of directories/folders.
  • .CSV extension is used for comma lists. Existing names can be used but SEE syntax highlighting will not be enabled.

Version:    VTXHELP 1.04a (Vutrax 12.2c)
Entry Date: 23 May 2000

  • Support for Interface modules providing including their own documentatio files.

Version:    VTXSETUP 12.2a (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

  • For Vutrax 12.2a
  • Workaround for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 converting names of the style VTX12 2A.M01 to VTX12 2A.M01..M01 thereby messing up automatic file chaining.

Version:    VTXSETUP 12.2b (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 17 Apr 2000

  • [Updated for Downloads only] The IE5 problem (See VTXSETUP 12.2a) is not consistent. This issue handles sequences of files with some names corrupted and others not.

Version:    VTXSETUP 12.2c (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 27 Apr 2000
Problem Fixed:

  • [Updated for Downloads only] Problems with Windows startup folder names could cause installation to refuse the long names used for interface modules, or non 8.3 format group or installation names.
    Workaround 1: If you are asked the 'private profiles' question, restart installation & reply 'No' (default).
    Workaround 2: Copy/and or Rename the file to make it 8.3 format. Names remain unique at this length.

Version:    VTXSETUP 12.3a (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 23 Feb 2001
Problem Fixed:

  • Complained of "VTXSETUP Verification failed" if the path of the installer exceeded 80 characters. Only likely with very complex folder nesting.
    Workaround: Move the installer to a simple directory (preferably along with the .M01...M07 files) and try again.

Version:    VTXSHELL 4.04b (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000

Enhancements & Changes:

  • TABLE option '/t' discards leading spaces and tabs in each field. When used with option '/c*m' fields already expanded to columns are reduced to the original form.
  • TABLE option /c is extended to
    /c<column> l|r|m [<width> [f]]
    where the new fields are
    'm' Minimum Width - do not expand the fields.
    'f' Full field - do not truncate fields over <width>.
  • The DIR command with /J option will place quotes round names containing spaces. (No impact on standard Vutrax operation).
  • Commands DEL, ERASE and ERASEDIR by default now place what they remove in the Windows Recycle Bin.
    To have deleted items permanently removed SET NOUNDEL=Y
  • Environment variable COPYCMD alters how 'COPY' and 'XCOPY' handle overwriting of existing files:
    /Y     Overwrite without query
    /Y     Always ask before overwrite
    Not defined    Asks in interactive use and does not ask from command files.
  • The DIR command with /J option places quotes round names containing spaces.
  • Commands DEL, ERASE and ERASEDIR by default now place what they remove in the Windows Recycle Bin.
  • FULLPATH produces an additional environment variable FNSHORT - you can obtain the dismantled 'short' name if required for interfacing to 16 bit or DOS based utilities.
  • Internal Command FC (Text File Comparision) added.
  • Options added to the TABLE command to provide for re-compacting comma separated lists, and not truncating fields even if larger than the explicit width specification.

Version:    VTXSHELL 4.05a (VUTRAX 12.2c)
Entry Date: 23 May 2000

  • FC (List text file changes) might crash if the second (new) file matches the first, but one or more lines at the end had been removed. (Not used in normal Vutrax operation.)
    Workaround: Compare the files the opposite way round.
  • Commands GETCLIP and SETCLIP introduced to provide access to the Windows Clipboard directly from within command files.

Version:    VTXSHELL 4.06 Dev A (*** In Development)
Entry Date: 17 June 2000 - 23 Feb 2001
Problem Fixed:

  • FC (List text file changes) reports subsequent identical lines if both of the first two lines do not match.
    (No impact on normal Vutrax Operation.)
  • [Windows 2000 only] An executable file may refuse to execute if the path to the file includes one or more spaces, and a file (not directory) exists that matches the executables path up to the first space. This problem was found during in-house testing and is very unlikely to occur in user environments.
    Workaround 1: Remove or Rename the interfering file.
    Workaround 1: Specify the full path using 8.3 format names (as listed at the left of a VTXSHELL 'DIR' listing).
    Avoidance: Install Vutrax into the recommended <Drive>:\Vutrax
  • Refused to execute programs or command files when presented with a path exceeding 80 characters.

Version:      CHECKLIB 1.04a (*** In Development)
Entry Date:   23 Feb 2001

  • Additionally reports invalid characters in library names.

Version:    VTXTOSPC 4.03, SPCTOVTX 4.05 (VUTRAX 12.2b)
Entry Date: 10 May 2000
Problem Fixed:

  • If a board Profile structure followed the board Boundary structure in a Vutrax data base then running the Interface code gave rise to an error and the Profile structure was ignored.

Version:    VTXTOSPC 4.03, SPCTOVTX 4.06 (*** In Preparation)
Entry Date: 23 Apr 2001
Problem Fixed:

  • Crashes in SPCTOVTX if there is no prior routing, Specctra does no routing, and there are no pads that require VTXTOSPC to draw constructions (e.g. Drill pattern Centres and TRACE pads). If no crash occurs then there is no problem.
    Workaround: Include any prior routing in order to allow SPCTOVTX to complete and show you the (probably failed) results.
    Fix: The office can provide replacement .EXE files. The problem is fixed in the Vutrax 12.3a installable module.
  • Verified to work with Specctra 10.0

Version:    BMP2VTX 1.00a (VUTRAX 12.2a)
Entry Date: 15 Apr 2000 Purpose:

  • This free issue converter is available to convert monochrome bitmaps to Vutrax format. You can use this to import logos or even line drawn images onto PCB's in a form that can be output to any supported plotter, including photoplotters. It consists of a wrapper around a GNU licensed DOS utility. and is provided as an optionally installable Interface module you can find on the CD or web site.