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Status of VUTRAX 13.1a Before Release of 13.2a (Mar 2008)

Extract of Change Marked Sections from

\SRCE\DOC\VTXLOG.PFM last updated on 14 Oct 2007

VUTRAX 13.1a
Entry Date:2 Feb 2007 - 14 Oct 2007

  • [Linux only] Since issue Secure Linux (SELinux) has been appearing and causes problems with one of our libraries. SAN 214 describes workarounds.
  • [Linux only] x64 versions (and possibly some i386 issues) have problems running the libraries used by Amaya for displaying Vutrax Help. SAN 214 describes workarounds.
  • Files are interchangeable with Vutrax 13.0a..b. Files from older issues are accepted and procedures and/or back converters are available.
  • A new configuration files is required for each licence.
General Enhancements (Windows):
  • Support of Windows Vista and Windows Vista x64.
  • Serial port key no longer required. Existing company or personal user registration and licensing still apply.
  • Control of location of WINDOWS.INI.
General Enhancements (Windows & Linux):
  • Copying ad-hoc window test to clipboard.
  • Better control of emptying of Vutrax temporary folder.
  • Some files that users tend to alter updated but backups made.
General Enhancements (Linux):
  • Installation location selected after pre-installer has started (to allow starting from File browser)
  • Support for modern Linux Windows managers including new icons, desktop options and position controls.
  • Cut, Copy & paste in Dialogues now functional.

Version:    DRAFT 39.02c (Vutrax 13.1a)
Entry Date: 7 Aug 2006 - 2 Feb 2007

  • Support for very high resolution graphics controllers and multi-screen windows (workaround previously available).

  • Editing of TRACE pad shapes available through the menu
  • GOTO command extended ('@' option) for use in Macro (.dex) files for picking up user selected coordinates.

Version:    DRAFT 39.03 Dev (*** No immediate release)
Entry Date: 26 Feb 2007

  • [Picked All Layers] from (Edit > Picked Items > Layers)
    [Blinked All Layers] from (Edit > Blinked Items > Layers)
    [Boxed All Layers] from (Edit > Boxed Items > Layers)
    BOX LAYER <from layer> <to layer> Z
    PICK LAYER <from layer> <to layer> Z
    BLINK LAYER <from layer> <to layer> Z
    The mass layer change variants with option 'Z' do not reliably stop propagating layer change at the zero width.
    Workaround 1: If a whole structure is being worked on, UNDO (if required) and add 'X' after the layer pair specified to force point by point change without layer propagation.
    Workaround 2: Otherwise correct any errors using menu command
    [Partial Layer] from (Edit > Properties > Layer)
    or typed command
    LAYER <to layer> Z
    Fix: A development fix is available on request.

Version:    WIRE 69.02a (*** Update by patch)
Entry Date: 14 Oct 2007

  • Problem: Trace shapes specifying Butt-end lines that appear in a Rats-nest libraries (.LIB) cause file import to stop with the error diagnostic:-
    "Invalid format for description part of PADSHAPE for TRACE"
    You only need to fix this fault if the diagnostic occurs
    Fix for Windows:
    Implement SAN 197 to patch ...\WIN32\WIRE.EXE using
    A1  ?  ?  ?  ? 83 F8 01 0F 8c 9b 00 00 00  ;
    90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90 90
    Fix for Linux:
    Implement SAN 197 to patch ...\XWIN\WIRE using
    83 F8 01 72 24 83 ;
    ?  ?  ? 90 90  ?

Version:    SEE 11.10a (VUTRAX 13.1a)
Entry Date: 2 Feb 2007

  • Extended spelling checker dictionary.
  • Handling of highlighted section made consistent with Windows conventions'. +o & -o options allow explicit control.
  • Introduction of Hyperlinking to other text files, command sequence, web browser URLs etc.

Version:    MENUVTX 10.14b (VUTRAX 13.1a)
Entry Date: 2 Feb 2007

  • Dialogue button precedence for Powerplane made consistent with other sequences

Version:    VTXHELP 3.03a (VUTRAX 13.1a)
(Also available for Linux as a VUTRAX 13.0b Workaround)
Entry Date: 2 Jan 2007

  • [Known problem Linux Only] Some recent distros and updates (in particular Ubuntu 6.1 and other Debian related systems) can not run the Amaya editor/browser used by the Vutrax help/Tutorial system.
    Workaround (this works in Windows & Linux):-
    [Set Environment] from (File > Setup)
    until a dialogue appears. Type or change the setting to
    set vtxamaya=x (NOT '...=y' of the default)
    and try again. The system browser will now be used instead (with loss a some convenience features and possibly some layout anomalies).
    Fix (Required for Linux only - not in the 13.0b workaround):
    Amaya 8.8mod c introduced along with settings in VTXHELP. (No fix required for Windows)
  • Tutorials starting with a blank page left no layers selected, and drawing seems to have no effect.
    Workaround: Select [Show all layers] from (View)

Version:    AMAYA 8.8mod c (VUTRAX 13.1a for Linux only)
Entry Date: 2 Feb 2007
Problem Fixed:

  • Systems with 24 bit colour generated 'mismatch' error within X libraries. This fix assumes environment setting
    Workaround for AMAYA 8.8mod c:
    Change xorg.conf to 16 bit colour and apply above configuration setting.

Version:    VTXSHELL 5.08b (VUTRAX 13.1a)
Entry Date: 2 Feb 2007

  • Extensions to TOCLIP command to enable copying text from the window.
  • DEL, ERASE and ERASEDIR take options to invoke overriding read-only attribute & querying deletions
  • New SETSTR options for handling quoted string and asking questions.
  • New features for debugging nested command files.

Version:    VTXSHELL 5.09 Dev (*** No immediate release)
Entry Date:  26 Feb 2007

  • [Linux only] Command styles
    TYPE <source text> > <filename>
    TYPE <source text> >> <filename>
    TYPE <source text> < <filter name>
    were very slow on large files. No known impact on normal Vutrax use.
    Fix: A development fix is available on request.

Version: LIBTWIN32.SO    2 Feb 2007 (VUTRAX 13.1a for Linux only)

  • Dialogue Cut, Copy and Paste fixed (previously the sections were not stored).