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Status of VUTRAX 13.3a Before Release of 13.4a (14 June 2010)

Extract of Change Marked Sections from

\SRCE\DOC\VTXLOG.PFM last updated on Fri May 14 13:26:42 2010

VUTRAX 13.3a
Entry Date: Mar 2009

  • Files are interchangeable with Vutrax 13.0a..b, 13.1a & 13.2a. Files from older issues are accepted and procedures and/or back converters are available.
  • A new configuration file is required for each licence.
General Enhancements (Windows & Linux):
  • [Windows] Compatibility with Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit (based on Beta issues).
General Enhancements (Linux):
  • Compatibility with Fedora/RedHat 8 & 9 using complete revision of initial font selection.

Version:    DRAFT (Vutrax 13.3a)
Entry Date: 13 Feb 2009


  • Introduction of a Concertina/Zigzag feature for matching track lengths on PCB buses. Feature also available for more general use.
    There is a tutorial on using this feature at [Concertinas & Zigzags] from (Help > Tutorials > Other Facilities).
  • Introduction of ALTDIR (Alter direction) feature to provide apparent reversal of connection direction when routing.
  • Differentiation of scaled and unscaled alternate coordinate system values incorporated into dialogue boxes.
  • Changes to the interpretation of the mouse wheel in different modes, and provision of user specification of the functions using environment variable VTXDRAFTWHEEL.
  • ZOOM can be parameterless.
  • New Toolbar buttons for Zigzag & ALTDIR. See [Vutrax 13.2a to 13.3a] from (Help > What's New] for details when upgrading.

Version:    TOOLBOX 12.03a (Vutrax 13.3a)
Entry Date: 13 Feb 2009
Problems in TOOLBOX 12.00c:

  • CREATELIB reworked to provided proper optimisation of library items and control of degree rotation.

Version:    PLOT 17.09a (VUTRAX 13.3a)
Entry Date: 3 Feb 2009


  • Pen/photoplot may be unable to plot resist items that are square, rectangular or TRACE when specified by an explicit resist group. PLOT paused and warned that the output was incomplete so unexpected missing items in finished plots are not expected.
    Workaround: Set the [Oversize] field as normal but add <space> 0 to specify no use of resist groups. e.g. for oversize 8 thou specify "8 0".
  • Some axial butt-ended lines were unnecessarily drawn by construction with a small round aperture. If this create any problem for an existing user use SAN197 on ...\WIN32\PLOT.EXE (Linux: .../xwin/plot) to apply patch
    0 'NeverFlashLines' ; 1 'NeverFlashLines' Enhancements:
  • General improvements in Photoplot efficiency.
    Some axial butt-ended lines were unnecessarily drawn by construction with a small round aperture. If this create any problem for an existing user use SAN197 on ...\WIN32\PLOT.EXE (Linux: .../xwin/plot) to apply patch
    0 'NeverFlashLines' ; 1 'NeverFlashLines'

Version:    CNCTOOLS 2.03a (Vutrax 13.3a).
Entry Date: 13 Feb 2009
Clarification & Warning

  • The option '-1' to produce and optimise a tool selection is normally used automatically and safely by PLOT. If you use it explicitly be careful that the file is a reproducible Drill file. Any other file type is likely to be corrupted.

Version:    WIRE 69.04 Dev A (Vutrax 13.3a Development fix)
Entry Date: 11 June 2009
Problem fixed:

  • Degree turned pads embedded in library pad shapes are ignored. Only degree turns of the whole device or explicitly in Silk & other text placements take effect. Explicit 45 degree rectangle pad shapes work correctly.
    Detection: Usually very obvious in the Rats-nest and detected by design rule checking. The only likely devices are rotary switches, transformers & the like.
    Workaround: Apply the degree turns in the Rats-nest pads after placement but prior to routing.
    Fix: This issue is available as a development update for Windows & Linux if you experience the problem.

Version:    MENUVTX 10.16a (Vutrax 13.3a)
Entry Date: 13 Feb 2009

  • Dialogue proformas compatible with various updates

Version:    VTXHELP 3.05a (Vutrax 13.3a)
Entry Date: 18 Aug 2008 - 13 Feb 2009

  • Changes to improve functionality and compatibility with Windows 7 64 bit.

Version:    VTXSETUP (VUTRAX 13.3a)
Entry Date: 13 Feb 2009

  • Compatibility with Windows 7 64 bit & Fedora Core 9.

Version:    VTXSHELL 5.10a (Vutrax 13.3a)
Entry Date:  13 Feb 2009

  • New conditional form IF DEFINED <environment variable name> provides clearer and more convenient control of options
  • [Linux] Command SHELL introduced to provide access to Linux command shell features from within standard Vutrax command file. Includes control of window visibility and input/output filters.
  • KEEPLINE filter introduced to choose lines by means of presence and absence of strings in each line (like Linux 'grep' but different syntax)
  • SHIFT command extended to multiple steps either way.

Version: CLIPMAN 2.00a (Vutrax 13.3a)

  • Provide a means of storing & recalling text in the clipboard system. Also provides means of pre-loading regularly used clipboard text.
  • [Linux] Inter-working between various Linux clipboard types with or without the store and recall feature.

Version:    VTX2IDF 2.00a (Vutrax 13.3a)
Entry Date: 14 Nov 2008 - 13 Feb 2009

  • Complete re-write to manage problems relating to device orientation, and to introduce requested features.
  • Uses services provided in TOOLBOX 12.03a or later.