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Technical Support and the Latest Information for VUTRAX Users

 Issue Number 35

Feb 2007

- Vutrax Version 13.1a -

Vutrax 13.1a was released in Feb 2007 for Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 3.51, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, XP x64, Vista and Vista x64, as well as modern Linux Intel 486 based operating systems.

This is an outline of new features which are primarily platform compatibility related.
A detailed description will replace this when available.
Operational details of the changes are embedded in the installation instructions and documented in the installed product.

- Availability -

This issue of the software can be obtained by Downloading from our Web site ( as selectable files or as an .iso image of the combined installation CD-ROM. Where required we can provide the CD-ROM itself.

Those who have subscribed to the Support and Update Rights Agreement can either DOWNLOAD the software or request a CD-ROM. In either case you will need a new configuration file - please E-mail your request.

'Freeware' customers can update from downloaded materials alone. The same 256 pin limits and indefinite use apply.

Users who have NOT subscribed to 'Support and Update Rights' and would like to know more details of the costs involved, please telephone or e-mail the Computamation office on:

- 01525 261 381 -
- -

- Vutrax 13.1a Enhancements -


  • Vutrax file formats (including Graphics, Libraries etc.) are bidirectionally interchangeable with those used for Vutrax 13.0a onwards. Graphics files from all earlier issues can be used without formality. Backwards compatibility is maintained through converters and/or procedures.
  • Installation configuration files for Vutrax 13.0 need to be updated for use when installing Vutrax 13.1

System Changes

  • Windows only:
    • Serial port key is no longer required (on those systems still configured to need one). Existing company or personal user registration and licensing still apply.
    • Choice of storing window preferences, Recent file lists etc. on a system wide or per-user basis.
    • Formal support for Windows Vista installation.
    • Purchased configurations are also installable on Linux.

  • Windows & Linux:
    • Copying ad-hoc Window text to Clipboard
    • Automatic emptying of the Vutrax temporary folder/directory.
    • Potentially user updated standard Files are updated but backed-up during updates
  • Linux only:
    • Installation can be started from a file browser (assuming appropriate system permissions) rather than requiring a Terminal Window command.
    • Cosmetic cleanup for modern Windows Managers including new icons and controls for window positions.
    • Cut, Copy and Paste within dialogue boxes now functional.

Module Changes

  • DRAFT Graphics Editor:
    • Editing Trace Pad Shapes now available through the menu system.
    • Handling of very large/multiple screen windows
    • Extension to GOTO command to pass locations to macros.
  • SEE Text Editor:

    • Extended Spelling Checker
    • Behaviour of highlighted sections made consistent with Windows conventions.
    • Text Hyperlinking to other text files, web pages etc.
  • Tutorial & Help:
    • Using your standard browser if you prefer or have trouble using our customised help browsers.
  • VTXSHELL command options:

    • Extensions to clipboard handling.
    • Erasing files and queries and/or overriding protection.
    • String options for handling quoted strings & asking questions.
    • Features for debugging nested scripts

Computamation Systems Ltd.

Tel: +44 (0)1525 261 381

Vutrax is a registered trademark of Computamation Systems Ltd.